Daily exercises that will boost your learners' handwriting


Getting your learners to write neatly and at a good tempo is a high priority for all Foundation Phase teachers.  In this blog I have listed some daily exercises that you - the teacher - can distribute to parents to do with their children during lockdown that will boost their children's handwriting and confidence to ensure the development of a neat handwriting. 

Neat handwriting, tempo of writing and endurance for writing relies heavily on the child's strength in his or her upper body.  It will pay great dividends if you ensure that your learners develop their shoulder, upper back and chest muscles. In today’s environment where our learners are not spending as much time outside climbing trees we see a real decline in their upper body strength.

During the day, as part of a transition activity ask parents to instruct their children to place their hands on their heads and push down their heads.  They could pretend to try and push their heads into their bodies.  Again hold for 5 counts, relax. Repeat five times.  Again this will assist in creating better focus.